What Does a School Security Guard Do?

A school security guard is an essential member of the school's security team. The guard's main responsibility is to secure the campus and keep students safe. This involves securing entrances and unsupervised areas. A guard may also be required to use physical force against attackers. They should also have some basic self-defense skills. Aside from training in fighting, school security officers must also undergo a background and credit check. They are also fingerprinted and must pass a drug test.

Aside from providing security, a school security guard has other important responsibilities. He is responsible for managing the entrance and exit of the school. He must always be on alert. He should be able to quickly contact emergency services, respond to a situation and evacuate the building efficiently. A school safety guard must avoid causing panic among students. He should also be able to maintain his cool under pressure. A school security officer has to be alert and reliable.

A school security guard should have extensive knowledge of crime prevention. By taking ALICE Training, a security officer can learn the proper ways to respond to an active shooter in a school. This training can be a life-saving skill in the event of a school shooting. This training is an absolute must for any school security guard. There are many reasons why ALICE Training is important. As a result of the high number of school shootings in recent years, school security guards should be well-versed in these techniques.

In addition to being an essential part of the school's security team, a school security guard should also be able to establish a presence within the school building. By patrolling the campus and looking for signs of trouble, a school security guard can monitor the area around the building and help people feel safe and secure. Keeping a positive attitude will also benefit the students and staff. In the long run, a school security guard's role will be more important than ever, but it's also a huge responsibility.

As a school security guard, you should be able to recognize and respond to signs of a potential active shooter. This is especially crucial if you have students at risk of homicide. Having an active shooter can be devastating to the school. By being aware of these warning signs, a school security guard can protect their students and make sure they stay safe. A school security guard can help prevent this from happening. It's important to take safety precautions when a shooting has taken place.

As a school security guard, you will need to be alert at all times. It's also important to be prepared for emergencies. You should be prepared to handle any situation. You should also know how to respond to a fire or an accident. Your job is not the easiest one. You'll need to be alert and prepared to handle any situation. In the end, you'll do your job well. A school security guard will keep your students safe, so it's important to make sure you've found someone who can do it for you.

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